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For many years our family has been asked “Why don’t you add a swimming pool to the property?” And it is something we have contemplated very seriously. After the Val d’Orcia was named a protected site by UNESCO, the permission to build a new swimming pool was taken away—and in fact, it is now prohibited and something that we no longer could do, even if we wanted to.

The reasons are many why we never built a pool—some of which included the high cost of installation and maintenance, the liability connected to the safety of guests (children in particular), the extremely high cost of utilities to have a heated pool (which is necessary in order to have a water temperature that is comfortable at any time other than the hottest weeks of the summer), the loss of natural grassy areas that would be lost to the pool area, and the noise that the use of a pool generates, while other guests want to enjoy their peace and tranquility as they read a book, nap or sip a glass of wine.

But the major reason at the heart of our decision to keep our property as it is is a philosophical one: we wanted to keep the property as much the way we found it as possible. This includes wanting to keep the grass, the trees, the serenity, and the natural aspects of the land as we found it so many years ago.

Most of our guests do not seem to be looking for a regular swimming pool; however, MANY of them are seeking natural thermal pools and spas which are abundant and nearby. Everyone can find a swimming pool in their home country, in their own neighborhood, perhaps even in their backyard! But how many people are able to drive 10 minutes and go to La Gora?

or 15 minutes to enjoy Fosso Bianco?

or to go to the nearby ancient spa town of Bagno Vignoni where you can swim in thermal spring waters with a view to die for?

Even if once or twice during the week you want a regular swimming pool, there is one only 10 minutes away in the town of San Quirico d’Orcia—a pool that is a delight for kids and adults:

If you want to find beautiful places to swim and relax, come to Cretaiole and we’ll send you to places that are so special, so natural, so inviting. We have no pool, but it’s no problem!


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