Pienza - Val d'Orcia - Siena - Tuscany

Ground-floor, studio apartment

La Cantina was built and used for centuries to store the wine and to cure the hams (prosciutto) and strings of sausage (salsicce). Today it serves as Cretaiole’s perfect place to have peace and quiet, or for bringing a baby whose crying will not bother anyone else in the farmhouse. This cozy apartment has no apartment above it. It is conveniently located with two independent entrances, one that leads to the yard and garden, and the other that enters onto the interior courtyard.

It has a homey environment with a kitchen that is captured cleverly in a lighted, antique armoire complete with stovetop, and sink. An electric toaster, a tea kettle, and microwave oven make meals so easy. Once mealtime is over, the doors to the compact kitchen close and it transforms back into a beautiful piece of Italian furniture. This cozy little home includes a large refrigerator with dining table just the right size for a snack or meal, and a comfortable armchair.

An atmospheric fireplace at the foot of the queen-sized bed will lull you to sleep with beautiful dreams.

The small bathroom includes an enclosed shower.


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